Copag WSOP Custom Plastic Playing Cards (Code: )

World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one of the most prestigious and richest tournament series all over the world.

Copag WSOP custom plastic playing cards, literally, are some poker marking cards, which can be used as common COPAG cards. With the coming of 50th WSOP, I think the Copag WSOP custom cards can help you a lot.

Collectors and poker enthusiasts are keen on unused and sealed WSOP-official playing cards. At the same time, Copag WSOP custom marking playing cards are preferred by poker magicians. With its high quality and high security, they are welcomed by more and more poker lovers. Thus, here is a brief introduction of Copag WSOP custom plastic cards for you.

Obviously, there are two colors available, one is red and the other one is black. A red one and a black one are packaged in a plastic case. Like common WSOP cards, all of the custom marked poker are made of 100% plastic. And they are bridge size and regular index.

Although WSOP custom cards have the same appearance and features as normal Copag WSOP playing cards, there are some invisible marks on the cards, which is not obvious for people to see with the unaided eye. WSOP custom plastic playing cards are processed by using the original playing poker cards with the invisible ink. The ink used on marking cards can be different, so poker readers you apply to read invisible marks should be various.

As I said before, some invisible ink marks are added on Copag WSOP cards, which can only be read by exclusive poker cheating devices. For example, ultraviolet contact lenses are applied to read UV ink marked WSOP playing cards, and infrared camera is used to see IR ink marked Copag poker decks. Therefore different types of Copag WSOP playing cards should work with different poker cheating equipments.

In the end, more details about Copag WSOP custom plastic playing cards welcome to contact us.

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