Copag Jumbo Face Infrared Ink Cards (Code: 002)

Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5")
Index Peek
Color Red, Black
Material 100% Plastic
Decks 2
Container Tuck box or leather case
Markings UV and IR
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Infrared ink cards are a type of tricks cards.

As we know, infrared ray cannot be seen directly in our daily life. As a result, infrared ink markings cannot be seen by naked eyes either.

Infrared ink cards are made from ordinary poker cards with infrared markings, which are invisible with Copag Jumbo Face cards. They are popular in magic shows and poker entertainment activities. These markings can be marked on the back of any poker card, in the form of numbers, fonts or other patterns. The infrared cards should be read under a infrared ink camera, which are different from the barcode marked poker decks and invisible ink playing cards. Here are the details about infrared ink poker decks.

On one hand, the luminous ink used on infrared ink playing cards and barcode poker cards or UR marking cards are different. Although their working theories are similar, the poker cheating devices applied to read infrared markings are different. For example, the cards can be seen under a long distant infrared ink camera, and UR ink poker can be read by wearing luminous ink reader. With different ink, what kinds of poker devices you use to read invisible marking are different.

On the other hand, infrared ink cards should be used with partners. Why? Because infrared ink playing cards only can be read under an infrared camera, so they are safer than other kinds of poker cards. The infrared ink camera can be installed in anywhere in casino like a 3D painting, lamp and so on. After your partners see theses infrared markings through the camera, then he or she can tell you the results with a walkie-talkie. It is a cooperation job.

All in all, infrared ink cards can be read by using a long distance infrared camera, and then you can know the cards of all players on the table. It is a good choice for all poker lovers and poker magicians.

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