Copag Penguin Luminous Ink Cards (Code: )

Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5")
Index Jumbo
Color Red or Blue
Material Plastic coated
Decks 1
Container Tuck box
Markings UV and IR
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Copag Penguin luminous ink cards are processed with luminous ink kit for marking cards on the back, which is a kind of poker cheating cards and welcomed by poker magicians and cards players.

It is known to poker lovers that Copag card is one of the most popular playing cards in the world, Copag Penguin poker card is the common one.

Copag Penguin luminous ink cards are of same advantages as usual normal playing cards. That is to say, with our top quality luminous cards, you cannot see the difference from them. They are made in Brazil, which is often used by Brazilians. Copag Penguin cards are plastic coated and are resistant to tear, bend and worn. Besides the original strengths of Copag Penguin poker cards, there is a special benefit of luminous cards. There are some luminous markings on poker, and you can read them clearly with the use of some poker cheating devices.

First of all, there are two colors of Copag Penguin luminous ink marked cards, red and blue. And luminous ink marks on cards can be black or white. The size and pattern of markings on the black of Copag Penguin luminous ink playing decks can be different. Small numbers in the four corners of marked cards, or a big font in the middle of the card are all available. Of course, these invisible markings can be customized. It means that you are able to design your own marks.

Copag Penguin cards can be processed into various types of luminous ink cards. For example, they can be processed into ultraviolet marked poker cards. As for this kind of cards, a pair of luminous ink contact lenses is needed to detect poker trick. These contact lenses look like as common eye lenses. And it is easy and convenient to use. Moreover, the infrared Copag Penguin luminous ink playing cards are also available. Compared to UV luminous cards, an IR camera is necessary to read those infrared marks. Which one is better? It depends on your personal hobby.

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