Copag 1546 Best Cards Tricks (Code: 003)

Size Poker size
Index Jumbo/ Regular
Color Red/Blue, Orange/Brown, Purple/Grey, Green/Burgundy, Black/Gold
Material 100% Plastic
Decks 2
Container Plastic case
Markings UV and IR
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Copag best cards tricks, are a kind of Copag marked plastic cards, which should be read by card cheating equipment like infrared ink contact lenses or cards sunglasses. With the luminous invisible ink used on Copag 1546 plastic playing cards, poker games and magic tricks can be more exciting.

Copag 1546 plastic card is frequently-used in many casinos, and is also an indispensable playing card for professional gambling. It is very popular in USA and Mexico. Many poker players and magicians love this Copag best playing cards tricks.

Copag 1546, high quality 100% plastic, these cards will last for years. They are made of a unique and unparalleled paper pulp, which is the most superior poker in America. There is no doubt that we adopt imported Copag 1546 marked plastic cards from USA, and then process them into Copag best cards tricks with invisible ink, so you can trust us completely. Remember that all best tricks cards should work with special poker cheating products.

The back of Copag 1546 has a single pattern and has 10 colors, red and blue, gold and black, orange and brown, purple and gray, burgundy and green.

There are 52 cards in a deck, 2 different size, Poker Size (2.5" x 3.5") and Bridge Size (2.25" x 3.5"). As for Copag marked playing poker decks, red cards are usually marked with black font and the blue ones often with red font that you can see these markings clearly. Of course, you can design your own markings.

When you buy the 1546 best trick cards, you can find it is not special at all. After wearing a pair of infrared ink contact lenses or other marked cards reader, you can realize that there are invisible marks on the back of the cards. So it is very popular for magic tricks lovers and poker players.

By the way, high quality Copag cheating cards are not easy to be produced. If you want to know more about Copag 1546 best cards tricks or other related products, welcome to contact us.

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