Copag 139 Marked Magic Cards (Code: )

Size Poker size
Index Dual
Color Red/Blue
Material 100% Plastic
Decks 2
Container Plastic case
Markings UV and IR
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Copag poker cards are famous for its good quality and unique usage durability. Here we introduce the cards Copag 139.

Copag 139 marked magic cards are the marking cards which are processed based on the original cards.

Copag magic cards are of high quality and reasonable prices. First of all, they are considered to be one of the best poker decks in the world. They are made from plastic coated and have a long service long.

It is generally accepted that poker games is a shortcut to success in that with which you can make a huge sum of money instantly. Nevertheless, many people end in failure and in losing a huge sum of money that they cannot afford. If your luck is not very good, and you don’t have a good grasp of poker skills, it is highly possibly for you to loss game. From where I stand, I think you need something to help you, Copag 139 marked magic cards which are a good choice for you.

Skillful and experienced technicians are necessary to make Copag magic cards. There are several types of Copag 139 magic marked cards. The first one is ultraviolet luminous ink cards. Luminous markings are on the backside of poker decks, which can be read by wearing UV contact lenses. The second one is barcode marked Copag magic cards. There are invisible bar codes on four edges of poker decks. And they should be scanned by poker scanning system. The last one is marked with infrared ink, which can be recognized under an infrared camera. These markings are also on the back of the decks.

Copag 139 marked magic cards are extremely welcomed by peaking poker games, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha and so on. Therefore, Copag magic cards can also be used in these poker games. From the outside, 139 cards are as same as the common Copag poker decks. By the way, many poker magicians are fond of them. Copag magic cards can be shuffled and dealt by anyone. Moreover, their luminous ink markings can be customized.

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