Copag Marked Cards

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Copag 139 is not easy to bend and fold, they are popular in many poker games. Copag magic cards are processed on the basis of original cards. As a result, Magic Copag cards in our company are also of these excellent advantages.
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Copag 1546 double decks in various colors, are the best cards tricks for magic poker games. With the invisible marks on the back of plastic cards, you can work with special poker cards reader.
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Copag 4 Corner Jumbo index cards are wider than the ordinary ones which contain 52 cards, 2 jokers and 1 guarantee card. The size is 2½ x 3½. The back designs came in two different colors – red and blue.
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Copag Class and Copag NEO are the most famous Brazil cards. Jumbo index plastic coated cards. Have a lot of fun with Class and NEO and discover the complete Brazil playing cards line.
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There are so many types of cards, but the Copag casino poker card is probably the finest. Jumbo index plastic coated cheat cards.
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Copag official playing card provider for the European Poker Tour, 100% plastic poker size jumbo index. 2 colors are available, red and blue.
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COPAG 100% plastic Jumbo Face playing cards are on sale. They are used widely in casinos all over the world for their top quality. Get the best deals for Copag Poker Size Jumbo Face here.
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The penguin card design is one of Brazil's favorites. Jumbo index plastic coated playing cards. The back designs of the Copag cards are in 2 colors - red and blue. Actually the back color determines the marks.
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Buy Copag Texas Hold'em playing cards here, 100% plastic washable. These single decks are poker size jumbo index with 2 colors red and black, can be used for Poker, Blackjack or any other casino games.
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Copag Main Event 2016 WSOP World Series of Poker Plastic Playing Cards, Red/Black, Poker size Jumbo index. The best players in the world prefer the best playing cards in the world!

Copag Cards Marking

Copag marked cards have a good reputation among the poker players as their finest quality, even after marking with our luminous ink. Copag marked cards are considered by knowledgeable players in any card game to be the finest in the world. Due to make from 100% PVC plastic. They can spring back to their original shape after bending and tearing. That why they are perfect for pleasing games like Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Another absolute advantage worth mentioning is the sets of Copag marked cards are generally expected to last from 20-50 times longer than regular paper cards. That is really powerful!

In the meanwhile, some players may worry about the Copag marked cards are too smooth to control when dealing the cards. That is really not a problem! Copag marked decks are specifically designed for performance! They will shuffle with ease and deal flawlessly to players. However, the special textured back will provide professional and novice dealers with great card control.

Marked Deck of Cards

All Copag marked decks of cards were processed with the original playing card and invisible ink by professional printer. As most Copag cards origin is Brazil, they are widespread in North and South America. There are some exceptions! For example: Copag Texas Hold'em has two versions and their origin is Brazil and Belgium respectively. However, the difference in origin does not bring much difference in the sense of use. More importantly, Copag marked decks of cards always have significant effect after marking.

As a typical plastic card, Copag marked decks of cards can use more 20 times longer than the paper marked decks. Although with such strength, we still need to preserve carefully when you don't use them. Reasonable storage can extend the life of the Copag marked playing cards. Infrared invisible ink is the normal item use to mark poker cards, but it will very affect by light and long periods of daylighting can blur the luminous marks. Therefore, packing those Copag marked cards with a black bag will help you to keep cards well when you don't use them. To be honest, a deck of plastic marked cards can use more than 3 months if you keep it well, while a deck of unopened marked poker cards can keep as long as 2 years.

Custom Plastic Poker Cards

Regardless of the fact that Copag marked cards with many advantages as above, they just the same as the custom plastic poker cards that easy to become dirty. What can we do if they are dirty? The proper method for cleaning plastic playing cards is also essential to extend their useful life. Cleaning Copag poker cards should be performed selectively, please realize that slight fading may occur. The more you clean your Copag Cards, the faster your cards could fade. However, if performed properly, cleaning custom plastic poker cards will only have a slight effect and long term use is achievable.

The correct steps for cleaning:

1. Use cold water. Never uses hot water and should avoid warm water. Try to clean Copag marked cards with cold water with no soap to start.

2. Use a non abrasive cloth and gently wash the playing cards individually. Do not use a paper towel or any other paper-based towel products. Definitely avoids any sort of abrasive scrubbing material.

3. Clean only a few cards at a time.

4. Rub very lightly on both sides.

Things not to do to your custom plastic poker cards:

1. Do not scrub cards with dish tools.

2. Do not place cards in boiling water.

3. Do not set cards outside to dry in the sun.

4. Do not dry cards with a hair dryer.

5. Do not apply excessive pressure when cleaning cards.

6. Do not use detergent or alkaline soap on cards.

7. Do not use any chemicals to clean your cards.

8. Do not stack cards on top of one another when wet.

9. Do not submerge cards in water for long periods of time.