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  • Poker Analyser

    Poker analyzer

    This poker analyzer can tell you the ranking at the table, the best and the second best hands on the table. It analyses the suits and the cards to determine which player's hand will be the winning one.

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  • Infrared contact lenses

    Infrared contact lenses

    Infrared contact lenses are successfully developed by our company in 1979.

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  • Marked Playing Cards

    bicycle marked decks

    Marked playing cards with different invisible marks can be read by infrared contact lenses and popular in numerous poker games.

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  • Poker Analyser

    Poker analyzer

    This New Iphone Omaha scanning system reveals to you the strongest hands on the table. It quickly scans the cards and the reports the results into the mini-earpiece.

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Poker Cards Exchange Device (Code: )

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Playing cards exchange device which is a very powerful magic tool or useful anti poker cheating device, that usually be used in poker card games.

This fashionable card cheating equipment can use for changing the normal playing cards quickly and silently. It is hidden, can be installed in the cuff and sleeve. All you have to do is place the card in it. The next card you place in will automatically bring up the previous one, without making any noise and in a easy and comfortable way to handle. The card exchanger happens smoothly and fast.

This poker cards exchanging device not only can be used at the normal poker games, but also can be used as a type of playing card exchanger machine.

When you use this poker playing cards change software in Texas holdem game, you can change the normal poker cards within 0.1 second.

There are so many interesting poker cheat device for exchanging cards in the market, but have you saw this magic cards exchange device? If you are a professional poker player, in spite of you already brought the playing cards cheating devices, it is good for you possess a high-tech poker cards exchanger tool.

Please contact our anti poker cheating device for exchanging cards, to get more information about cards exchange device.

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